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Wild Card

I love to scrapbook!  I’ve been doing it for close to 13 years.  I never really got into card making though.  I always felt like my cars were plain and not as cute as they could be.  A while ago I purchased the Wild Card Cricut Cartridge.

My thought was that if had all these cute templates to play with my cards had the potential for becoming at the very least above average!  Well I’m not sure where my cards currently rate but I saw this particular template and had to give it a whirl.  I really love that it’s round.  I cut the first image blacked out and the second has an open edge. I love the layering effect it creates.
What I’ve also realized with cards is I can go through my stash and pull from my scraps and those miscellaneous embellishments I haven’t used and add all those fun finishing touches!  This card I’m going to give as a birthday card!!

I have a few other things in the works that I will post over the next few days!


Studio movie grill

Studio movie grill

Day 1

Yesterday was Thanksgiving.  It made me ponder some of the past years and how I spent my Thanksgiving holidays.  Some were better than others.  There was one common thread thru each one.  That was how grateful I am for all I have. 

With that said, this year was particularly nice.  I know nice seems like such a plain description.  The thing is though that I have everything I need and even things that I want.  Some of these things include first and foremost my family.  I was able to be with my whole family this year!  I had my cute kids and my wonderful husband.  To top it off there was some of the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten!  How could you go wrong with that combination??

I haven’t really decided what to blog about specifically.  There are so many aspects to my life that I couldn’t just pick one.  I suppose over time you can just read and learn about my everyday life.  🙂

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